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Written by Phantomal   
Saturday, 27 February 2016 18:32

Dear SolidIRC Users,

this post is not easy for me. But as the most of you have noticed, i haven't been supporting SolidIRC for multiple years now. The Software is old, no IRCOPs are available for the users and if anything goes wrong, it can take days until it gets fixed. This situation is not new, it lasted for at least 2 years now.

Lately SolidIRC have mostly been online for Magic League. But since they changed their playing software to one with an integratied chat, the channel isn't filled with many people now. So i don't see a reason to keep the Network online.


I had a very good time with many of you. Good years with projects like ImPULsE Script, playing IdleRPG or building Eggdrop based Services. And i had much fun in our #solidirc channel with you guys. But now its time to say goodbye. So i wish everyone the best and i hope you keep SolidIRC in good memories.


André (Phantomal)